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The latest events have changed our society, impacting both our local economy and our behaviors.

At Lynq, we believe that now, more than ever, creating meaningful 1-1connections between skilled professional and influencers with their clients and followers is a must.

Whether you are a professional with clients, an enthusiastic expert with followers or a retired professional, you are trusted because of your experience and how you are able to help, you are an expert.

For our experts, we have developed a platform that empowers you to freely share your knowledge and passions with the world without worrying about technology. Making it easy to develop new opportunities to remotely monetize your 1-1 time with your clients and followers, all while sharing your passion about and experience with them.

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In our ultra-connected world, where everything is going faster and faster, the latest events have reshaped our priorities. And it is now clear that people want to invest more time for them and their passion, so they can become the best version of themselves.

At Linq, we think Learning is the most beautiful thing is the world, as it makes us better, and benefits our surroundings.

"Better Yourself" is Linq's mission by empowering experts to freely transmit their knowledge and the passions that follow them from power learn and shape a “better yourself” which, by repercussion, will reflect on all those around them.

Our Values


Our Values

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